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Sharepoint 2010 New Features

so here's my first posting on sharePoint 2010, it has some new features that i came across out of my research and though would post it, i will be updating this as i come across them.

1. BI features

  a. Performance point server included services
  b. Chart web parts
  c. Excel Services – includes SQL Server Power Pivot
  d. BI Portals can be created that include scorecards, dashboards, KPIs and more

2. BCS ( business Connectivity services)

 a. Offline BCS integration.
 b. Integration with external Databases is great, seems there is JavaScript support for invoking Client Object Model
 c. Ability to connect with External data sources like tables seems to have been enhanced.

3. New SharePoint Developer tools

 a. LINQ for SharePoint for faster DotNet development,
 b. Visual Studio 2010 has more features for SharePoint development

4. Search

 a. Choice between standard SharePoint search and FAST search
 b. Search is much better and it works off external content database as well.
 c. H…