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Implementing SSL on SharePoint 2010 and IIS 7 and forcing http request to redirect to https


1. Certificate is already imported in IIS
2. I am using a wild card cert here but I believe it will be pretty much the same for other types of certs as well.
3. Port 443 is configured to point to this web application also.
4.WebApplications are using host headers

Open up IIS 7.0

Right Click on the website and select “Edit Bindings” which opens up the windows below

Click on add and Add https binding, select the SSL certificate in my case it is a wild card cert

Hit on OK

Now Lets change the port 80 to any other port, lets say 8026

Create a Port80 to Port 443 Redirector Dummy Website :

Select the Sites node under IIS, right click and select properties

Enter the below valuues, I just make it point to the Root IIS folder, this is just a dummy website and does not have any files in it. Hit on OK

So this setup means that all request for my over http will be coming to this webapplication, now lets configure redirection for these requests coming over http to https. Se…