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Force FBA users to download word document instead of having them open in MS Word

FBA users when opening documents get either prompted with login or MS Word opens up the document and it is either blank or just a new document.

Way i found round this problem is to force them to download the document by going to Central Admin \ Select webapplication\ Authentication provider\ Set Enable Client integration to No.

Anonymous user gets prompted to view list items even through they have view list item permissions

In a publishing site even if anonymous users have been granted permission on all the level i.e in Central admin, in Site and if permissions are broken then in List\ Libraries but still they get prompted to enter username\ password to view the list\ list items.
To fix this issue deactivate a hidden feature by name ViewFormPagesLockDown, this feature when active denies access to anonymous users to all pages of type "application pages" by prompting authenication.
Below is the command to deactivate it, after deactivating it turn off\ on anonymous authentication on all the 3 level i.e
in CA for the webapplication, in Site collection and
finally in any lists that you have broken permissions.

stsadm -o deactivatefeature -url http://yourserver -filename ViewFormPagesLockDown\feature.xml

Below is a MS link to configure anonymous access in sharepoint.

Converting a site to a Site collection

Creating a site collection from site

1. Below I am creating a new database, since my site is a publishing site I will be creating a blank publishing site.

create new site in its own DB using the below cmstemplate

a. $w=Get-SPWebApplication("http://shareptapptest:9002")

b. New-SPContentDatabase "WSS_Content_Internet_Hosted_Sites_3" -DatabaseServer "shareptDBtest" -WebApplication $w

c. new site : here I am creating a blank publishing template which cannot be created from UI

New-SPSite http://shareptapptest:9002/hostedsites -OwnerAlias testdomain\testadmin -Name "SITENAME" -Template "cmspublishing#0"

2. Export the site http://shareptapptest/hostedsites/SUBSITE :

stsadm -o export -url http://shareptapptest/hostedsites/SUBSITE -filename "C:\Deployments\Release2-Technical Upgrade\SUBSITE06142011.bak"

3. Makig sure all site collection and sub site features\ spolutions are activated on the new site collection

a. Make sure all solutions are ac…