Monday, July 15, 2013

Using Apply Filter Button webpart with multiple Filter webparts

Applies to SharePoint 2013

The good or bad thing about the filter webparts from the post above is that they do the filtering but instantaneously i.e as soon as I select firstname it applies the first name filter, then when I select lastname it does the last name filtering, at time this is not a good scenario specially in lists with a lot of data because it can cause the page to load real slow. And users want the filters to be applied only when they click on a button, the answer is the Apply Filter button.

ON the same page right below the list filter webparts lets add Apply Filters button.


The following tag is added


This single step just changes the behavior of the list filter webparts to now apply the filter only when this button is clicked. The Apply Filter button lightens up every time a filter selection is change.



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